About Simpleddit

Simpleddit is a simple and efficient way of browsing reddit.

The source code is available on Github.

Recent Updates (Aug. 1st, 2016)

  • Fixed i.reddituploads.com links
  • Subreddits can now be sorted by "controversial"

Browsing Tips

  • Link directly to a subreddit with simpleddit.com/{sub}, simpleddit.com/r/{sub} Example: simpleddit.com/pics
  • You can view multiple subreddits at once by using "+" in the Enter Subreddit box. Example: "pics+funny+askreddit"
  • Login with reddit to see your subscribed subreddits
  • See the options page for more features

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • HShow/Hide Image
  • JNext Thread
  • KPrevious Thread
  • LOpen URL

Contact / Feedback

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to fill out this Feedback Sheet on Google Forms.

You can also tweet or DM the developer @_gabranches